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   For as far back as I can remember music has been the force driving me, but it wasn't just the music. There was something about being on the stage in front of all those people. I would scan the audience, watching their faces, always searching for a way to make those few moments better! I would watch popular artists of the time and study them! Is if I were taking an exam for which my life depended on. It was THAT important!

   When I write songs I write with only two goals: I write to connect a piece of my life to yours. I write to tell you a story; to introduce you to a small part of who I am. It's a little like firing an arrow into the rain in the hopes of splitting a rain drop; the probability is good but you never really get to see it unfold. Well I want to change that!

   After touring for over two years on the east coast and central Florida I moved to Nashville in late June 2019. I left a very stable gig schedule in favor of a large gamble. Nashville functions apart from most all other cities with respect to gigging and live music, it has to. There are 175,000 artist here; all of there targeting the same prize. Gigs and writer's rounds are booked both in advance and the night of. The pace is blistering! The networking aspects of Nashville are of the highest importance and will make or break you. Simply put, you must hit EVERY POSSIBLE stage as often as you can. It's similar to the lottery, the more you play the better your odds become. The sacrifice becomes how to survive while I am building a sustainable schedule? THAT is where you come it!

   PLEASE consider becoming a PATREON and supporting this epic endeavor. I know I can do this it's just a matter of how. To get out there and find it I need your support! Thank you and God Bless! I will be coming up with select prizes and benefits that will be given to regular patreon supporters.

- Eric Ryan  

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