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You will earn my most sincerest gratitude. In fact I'll think of you when I'm paying for a ticket or bribing an informant. Think of it. Just giving me a dollar per month will build you a mental monument of greatness. 

In all seriousness though I'll credit you in whatever creative project I'm working on at the time, and yes I WILL let you know what the hell it is I am actually working on. Basically the inside scoop is the real reward here. I'll give you a preview of whatever I'm working on.




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About Eric Seidel

Hello everyone my name is Eric Seidel and I have been writing, recording, and idealizing since I was a 13 year old. Luckily for all of you my thought process has evolved since then, but my heart is still there. Like most people I'm just trying to live my life as a Part Time employee, and I am not getting the funding I need for my creative work. 

I have a few irons in the fire, but focus on getting one project done at a time by gauging which I think is more important than the rest, or else I'll never get anything done. Most of the funding I need is for traveling in relation to my work on Hubpages and for research on my creative works. However soon I will begin to produce short films for a production company, which my friend Kim and I, are in the process of launching.  

Everything I create is made with the highest degree of thought. If I think something is not worth seeing I just don't put it out there unless I'm certain someone will find it interesting.
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I'm trying to earn at least $200 a month to help toward research trips for my creative projects. 

I currently write for Hubpages and make videos for Youtube, but I'm trying to launch a production company to make short films (and later on full length motion pictures). I'm also working on a book about what it's like to be a security guard in a corrupt art museum. 
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