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Let me start with a cheerful 'Hey.' So, hey I am Erica Louise from India. Since childhood, I have been traveling with a curiosity to know more and more about new places. When my favorite travel partner, my mom got busy with her food delivery business I was all on my own. Even then I did not stop and started to visit new villages and cities across my country and even outside the country. Recently when I came back from my first international trip, I was surprised to hear things like, "I wish I was as rich as you," "I wish I had a room full of money like you have." WHAT? WHY do people say that? They think I am rich? NO... I consider myself underpaid; I have loans to pay, I have a family to look after, How am I rich? That was the time I decided to quit my job start a blog on budget traveling where people will find every possible story or tips to travel frequently. I know the world wants to travel, meet new people, explore new boundaries but money holds them back. So, World through Erica is my attempt to reach out to every being on earth and share the budget travel tips to inspire the person to live his/her life to the fullest. It's time to break all the barriers and travel cheaper, easier and happier.
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When I reach $500 per month, I will start 1-minute daily videos on budget travel tips. Check out my current YouTube channel at:
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