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I will mention you and your youtube channel in a video as a patreon contributor!
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I will prank the person of your choice on any server which I am also on in a video! Of course, you will also be mentioned in that video. :)
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Are you a fan of TooCrafty? How about anyone on there? This reward is for you~! For 25 dollars, I will make a parody of a kid's movie song for you about any member(s) of TooCrafty! Your choice as to who(m) I write it about. I will then perform the song complete with a sing-a-long video I will publish. :)




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About Erijah

Why give to me? First of all let me say, you absolutely don't have to! If you still want to though, here are good reasons:

1. Support my server, Once Lost Server and all the aspiring youtubers on there!
2. Support my minecraft cinematic video projects!
3. Inspire me to put out more content!
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If we get up to 10 dollars, I will do a celebratory Stream (every month) where I will play on suggestions in stream!
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