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About Arinn Dembo

I'm Arinn Dembo. If you don't already know me, hi!

I've been writing to entertain people in various media for over 25 years. Many of you may know me as the world-building author behind many popular science fiction franchises for the PC, including Sword of the Stars. But I am also the English language screenwriter of various animated series from Japan and Korea, including Toei's World Trigger.

Thanks to my Patreon supporters, I've begun writing more literary fiction in recent years.

In 2019, my short fiction "Letter From the Guest Editor" is available in the Winter 2019 Edition of the Mad Scientist Journal from Def Con One Publishing.

In 2018, my short story "The Old Man Down the Road" appeared in the anthology What October Brings from Celaeno Press.

In 2017 my short story "The Cave of the Winds" appeared in Pathfinder's What Grows Within.

In 2016, my novella "Imperial Ghosts" was published in the December edition of Deep Magic.

In 2015, three of my short stories were published in Gods, Memes and Monsters and She Walks In Shadows. Both of those books were nominated for World fantasy Awards in 2016 in different categories: She Walks In Shadows won for Best Anthology.

I've also written a military science fiction novel, The Deacon's Tale, which was set in the Sword of the Stars universe I created for Kerberos Productions. My collection of short fiction, Monsoon and Other Stories, is pretty good stuff.

If You Support Me, What Happens?

NUMBER ONE: I'll be able to produce more stories. These may include a few tales set in the universes I've already created, starring characters that you already know.

NUMBER TWO: You will know what I'm working on and get sneak peeks at my unannounced game projects, early drafts of stories, and inside information on my creative process when pitching projects and creating worlds. 

NUMBER THREE: Supporters of my Patreon are automatically invited to join my World Forge Discord, to find resources on world-building for various genres and to discuss their projects in development.

So...How Does My Donation Work?

My campaign is a Monthly campaign. You'll only be charged once for your pledge, regardless of how many posts I make. That said, some of the downloads for large project files, like The Sword of the Stars Premium Lore Book, are only available at higher levels.

Thanks so much for stopping by my page. I hope that I can create something with your support that you'll really love.

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