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About Brian Vandenberg

Join an epic journey of Travel & Adventure with the making of 'Escaping Society'! A film series about people who have left behind the stress and grind of modern society for a simpler, more sustainable off-the-grid lifestyle somewhere else in the world.

Get a film credit - Exclusive insights into the filming, survival and behind the scenes stories, pictures and videos - Get a first hand look at some of nature's most remote and breathtaking beauty - Help me get it on television - Be part of my "unorthodox" lifestyle and the crazy adventures I get myself into... This is your chance!

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Hi, I'm Brian Vandenberg,
4 years ago I became homeless and moved into a work van. I never anticipated how much it would end up changing my life. It had such a dramatic impact on me I had to tell my story to the world:

Fast forward 6 months back in civilization I have realized I may never be able to live a normal life in society again. I have planned my ultimate escape, and I'm taking you along for the ride!

Below is a short synopsis of the script for the series. If you're an executive producer or a production professional and want to get involved, please message me for the entire script.

Click image to see a full size pdf:

About me:
You may not yet know me from rebuilding houses or my countless creations featured in films, tv shows, commercials and music videos. But you may know me from the popular TV show 'Destroy Build Destroy' or my recent social media film VanLife ~ From Homeless to Adventurer, where I encourage people to go live in a van and explore the world. I've been featured on 'In The Now' and RT Documentary Channel for my unusual lifestyle. I'm deeply curious and research a lot. Most would agree I have mad McGyver skills. I can't help myself from building and fixing just about anything. I'm very enthusiastic yet calm and occasionally profoundly philosophical.

I have so far:
  • Written a complete film script for the series.
  • Secured funding for roughly a third of the trip.
  • Fully financed and built a compact, broadcast quality production rig complete with the latest 4k cameras, a drone, underwater housings, reflectors, lenses, microphones and backup drives. All powered by powerbanks and a solar panel that mounts to my backpack. More on this in an upcoming video!
  • Acquired all the gear I need to survive in nearly any climate and situation.
  • Set off on the first two legs of my journey, India and Sri Lanka, where I've met with my advisors and various locals to help me in my quest. 
  • Traveled and filmed my travels, ups and downs, and some amazing locations thus far.
  • Covered and filmed 2 AMAZING stories in India and Sri Lanka about off-grid living in the jungle and by the beach!

In short, this is getting done. Are you with me?

Please note:
The final realization of 'Escaping Society' and its distribution will ultimately depend on factors that are thus far out of my control. Therefore I can only promise you my utmost dedication to the series and to my patrons. I will have to limit what I release and of course can't give it all away before the actual film has been made. Still, I'll shoot as much behind the scenes footage of the adventures as I can get away with, as much breathtaking natural beauty I can get close to, and do my best to acknowledge each and everyone who supports me. Please also keep in mind the project will land me in very remote areas of the world without internet for days and sometimes weeks. Be patient, it'll be worth it ツ

If you have any questions and comments please don't hesitate to write. If you're a production professional, editor, producer, investor or can otherwise contribute, please get in touch. I will need all the help I can get!

Brian Vandenberg
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Help me reach $1000/month to be a full time professional. This will actually cover most of my expenses! I will be able to dedicate myself 100% to the filming and production of Escaping Society and provide YOU with more videos, images and behind the scenes footage.

Don't forget: Everyone who has helped me with $1000 or more will be recognized with an official credit at the end of each episode at final release of the series.
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