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  • BIG VIRTUAL HUG YOUR WAY! You help me in making my dream reality. Its worth more than anything. <3

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Hi there all!
My name is Linda Escaron Lundqvist and I am a self taught artist since 2013. I breath life into beings that exist beyond the border of our realm, give these creatures a physical form that you can see, touch, feel and hold in your hands - because they´ve always been there, beyond the thinn walls that we call reality, since the beginning of everything. I simply work as a tool for them, creating images of them for all of you to see when they feel the time is right. ;)
I make original, OOAK (one of a kind) creatures either as clay sculptures or posable artdolls. Every single one is completely made by me from scratch to finished art piece. Imagination is my reality, wich is yours?  

The reason I started my Patreon; 
Probably the most used answer in history, but the one that carry the deepest truth; I really REALLY want to be able to continue to do what I do, create art, it is my greatest passion and joy, the one thing I love the most in this entire world, it is me, my soul. Right now I have a day time job and make art on the side, if I could choose Id very much want to cut down some on my normal job and have more time for art. Tho my biggest dream no questions asked is to be able to say that my art is my one true job. And maybe one day, and with your help, that dream will come true. <3 

No Rewards?
For now I havnt got any rewards but Ive planned for that in the future, because you deserve it like nothing else, all you who follow me on my various pages, who support, fave and comment, spread and adopt my art, without you I wouldnt exist, I couldnt do what I do. So I really wanna give you something in return, unfortunately right now I have no funds nor time to do so. But Im working toward this goal! :D 

Thank you so much for stopping by, it mean super much to me! Big Hugs!
Linda Escaron Lundqvist


Some of the beings Ive given life to:

$3 of $100 per month
Any kind of amount is a goal to me, because its a step closer to my dream. But if reach this amount I will buy more art tools! Not saying the ones I use now arent serving me well, they do. But I would love to have some "real tools" and not only kitchen wear, old rusty knitting needles and the likes. Haha. Oh, and I would love to save up to an airbrush maybe, and ball joint armature, and some more colors! And Id love to get an own website for my art. Aaah so many things. Hahaha. XD
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