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I come from the south of Chile, from a little city called Punta Arenas. I have been making music since I was around 12 - 13 years old. At some point in my life I wanted to quit making music, but I invested time and money throughout my youth to make music... I couldn't just leave it like that.

As human being I make mistakes, and for a while I made so many mistakes in my life that I can't count them.

I served my country in the army as military for a year and 2 months. When I came out of there I left my house, and guess what I took from my family's house..... My recording studio.

I never quit making music,... until I went to Peru for 2 years to serve a mission as missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints... I came back and I thought I was going to stop making music. I sold my recording studio and I moved to the United States... two suitcases and hope of studying and get a better life.

I got to BYU-Idaho. When I heard that the university had resources for helping students to succeed, a thought came to my mind...(I need to find that recording studio.) I wasn't sure that the university had a recording studio, so I started looking for one. I found around 20 recording studios in different buildings around campus, but none of them were available for making music, until I went to the third flour in the library and I ask the manager of the faculty of technology for recording studios that the library has. He told me yes!! go around the corner to the faculty of technology and ask for one. I was amazed. He told me that it was for students ... so as soon as I went there I asked many questions.
Those recording studios were not as everybody think,... they only have a USB microphone, a computer, and that's it.

So I got a beat, and I went to that place to make a song. After 3 years without making music I released "Tu Nombre." My first song this year and after 5 months the song has almost 39.000 streams.

I had not even finished that song when I met Spencer Serranilla from Chicago who told me that my song was fire and that also had a friend who was doing a party next weekend .. I sang the first part of the song and the rest of the beat I freestyle ... but it sounded really good.

After that, I finished that song, but I didn't release it until I met Jayden Davie.

As soon as he heard my song he grabbed a notebook and started creating a storyboard for this song without even questioning about what he was doing.
we made the music video, and released the song in April 2018.

People get impressed when they listen to this story, and I have heard this comment so often: You did many things with nothing.
And I have been pondering many times about that sentence
If we did so much with nothing, what could we do with little?
We love making and creating ... but it has been hard not having the equipment to do so.
If you feel the need to help us in some way, we proportionate a way for you to help us with this Patreon
We love you and always thinking about you when we make this content.
$0 of $100 per month
I will promote each one of my songs through social media on a greater scale.
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