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At Esprit Tech and Jeti USA, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our level of service. From improving our product offering to after sales support, we want our customers to be happy with the decision to give us their hard earned money. One of the ways that we have tried to do this is through our product support videos. We have covered new products and services available, done comparison videos to help in product selection, and created an entire series of introductory and programming videos to support our line of products. These have always been short videos with an attempt to give the customer just enough to get them on to the next step. We have come to realize that while these short videos are great for some of our customers, but a large percentage of you would really appreciate if we can offer more. Maintaining a unique and customized view in today’s complex and ever-evolving world is the only way to go forward.

GRAFIKA: Where Your Money Goes
This is where Patreon comes in to play. We will now be able to offer more in-depth content for the customers who need it. Our Patreon page is about building a community around the passion that we all share for model aviation. This new platform will allow us to tailor the content to the needs of those who take part in this new community with us. Need a specific topic covered. Want us to address a programming or technical solution that you are looking for, we can do that too. For a tiny fee, we will be able to provide exactly what you need; it’s all about combining resources and creating a community. This doesn’t mean that we will be eliminating all of our existing free content; just that we are adding a platform to provide highly customizable solutions to those who need it most. Please join us in this exciting new step becoming our supporter, our patron.

GRAFIKA: About Us, What We Do
Esprit’s Mission Statement: Be a significant part in the community and providing quality products and services.

What Our Esprit Brand Stands for:
Education - Share knowledge of our products with others
Satisfaction - Provide service that exceeds expectations
Participation - Become immersed in flying community
Reach - Bring quality products to your door step
Inspiration - Inspire others to get involved, let the hobby prosper
Technology - Design professionals products for today's market

Esprit Tech/Jeti USA is an Developer, Designer, Importer and Distributor of high-quality, precision products for Radio Control, Telemetry, Stabilization, Propulsion and Power Management Flight Systems. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring to the market the latest and greatest the world has to offer. Our direct relationships with manufacturers allow us to provide leading edge products with the hobbyist in mind. Esprit Tech is more than just a hobby shop. We are a technology company. A company for Pilots, run by Pilots.

Awards Received:
Best Electric Jet, Super Jet South Jet Event, Georgia Jets
Best New RC Product 2013, SEFF, Fayette Flyers of Georgia
Best New RC Product 2015, SEFF, Fayette Flyers of Georgia

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