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About EssenceOfThought

EssenceOfThought is a YouTube channel run by both Peter/Ethel Thurston (they/she/he) and Udita Chakrabarti (she) which produces fully referenced video essays on topics relating to civil and human rights, especially those linked to religious encroachment on society. We put out a new video each week, averaging to a couple of hours of content. If you enjoy our work, please consider donating even if it's only a dollar. Please help us reach our $2200 end goal, allowing us to make all our videos completely ad free permamently.
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Here's the deal. If we make it to this amount, we will completely remove ads from our YouTube channel for a whole year from the first time this amount is processed. Consider it a trial period in which you get to experience EssenceOfThought with the following two benefits.

1st- No ads (well duh) which means you can watch our videos undisturbed.

2nd- I would be able to go after religious crimes such as the Catholic scandal and the Dawah apologetics surrounding child rape. I'd also be able to cover the treatment of atheists, women, LGBT+ individuals etc. on a more global scale. At current the need to monetise content forces me to make a portion of my content 'monetiser friendly' which limits how much I can talk on these important topics.

We will of course try to make the rest of the money needed to make our end goal during this year, hopefully allowing us to keep it this way long term.
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