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Singing the Song of Our Hearts
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Come and sing the song of your hearts with us!  This is the song of inspiration and collective empowerment to reclaim our human destiny of peace and prosperity, and harmony with all of life.  You are joining this tier because you too believe that this consciousness is birthing a new world, and that you are part of that change.  So let's do it together.   We know that our capacity to make this great evolutionary leap is nourished by a deep understanding of both our collective destiny and our collective empowerment.  We know that all life on earth is incredibly and beautifully woven together, in a complex dance of unity and interdependence, yet our existence is embedded into a post-modern culture that is driving us into more and more fear, separation and isolation, promoting scarcity, competition and dissatisfaction to promote our continued buy in to a system that is created to serve the few at the cost of the common good.  With this understanding of what we're facing and so we feel inspired to offer our service to cultivate a renaissance of culture that embraces this deeper truth of reality, and support our capacity to feel that connection. And so we offer to you our hearts song to you dear soul family, sacred heart tribe, in service to the sangha we will share with you a a monthly Satsang, a gift of inspiration and nourishment to your spirit and your soul purpose.  What will that look like....we'd like to surprise you...some times that will be the opportunity to join into our Kirtan or Yoga classes, other times it may be an inspirational poem or prayer, or a recorded meditation or sound journey.  

The Body and the Earth are One
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There was a time in our human evolution in which we all knew the intimate connection of our bodies with the earth.  A time in which we cultivated our connection with the earth through our labours on the land growing the food that sustains us.  We cared and stewarded the land in which we lived because we knew that without it we would not survive.  This tier is for those who wish to deepen their connection with this truth again.  To learn how to cultivate relationship with the earth and the plant kingdom.  This tier offers you monthly wisdom on earth stewardship, and practical advice on growing food, and supporting our ability to nourish our bodies in healthful ways to support our life mission and purpose.   

-Once a month you will recieve an inspiration to support your journey in this effect.  It may be a permaculture lesson, a delicious recipe or cooking lesson to surprise and inspire you.   Plus you get all the benefits of the previous tier.

Knowledge is power to change
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We know that some people prefer to learn through videos and we would love to offer some of our knowledge this way.   Participating in this tier gives you access to both previous teirs plus, a monthly video that will inspire and uplift your consciousness and empower you to be the change you seek in the world. 




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About Cancion del Corazon

Welcome to this portal of light.  We are sending our highest heart energy to you from this sacred valley in Southern Ecuador called, Vilcabamba.  Stepping up to play our part, and respond to the dream of cultivating conscious community and supporting humanity's highest destiny.  We are calling the dream into reality; weaving together our hearts and minds, full of inspirations and good earth wisdom to share with you!
We're so glad you found us.  In these times of great change and uncertainity, we need to support each other more than ever.  This site is our offering to you.  To those who are waking up and trying to face the challenges of our time with courageous hearts full of love.  We are here to say, you are not alone and we are so grateful that you are choosing to be part of this growing community of beings who are actively participating in the great awakening of humanity. For not getting dragged down by despair, but letting these immense challenges that we are facing as a human family become the catalyst for change. For understanding that we are both individual and collective beings, and therefore what we do to move forward as individuals also has a positive impact on our collective destiny. For believing in our ability to create the world we are dreaming of, and for devoting yourself to realizing your highest potential.   And...for being willing to do the work that it takes to evolve.

Many of you that have found our page, probably know a bit about us, but for those of you who have not yet had a chance to come and experience a taste of what we call Eternaculture, let us introduce ourselves.

We are passionate humans dedicated to a life of heart centered, spirit connected devotion supporting the evolution of humanity into higher consciousness, freedom, happiness and love. We have come to understand that our ability to express soveirgn agency over our lives, and our day to day choices is one of the most powerful ways to BE the change that we are seeking in this world, and we feel called to do all we can to support the work and passion of the human capacity to create this world that we all are dreaming of. And as we all know the many challenges that we are facing in this times, it is no small task. We believe that we are all being called to participate in this "great turning", to use the words of Joanna Macy.
Each of us has a role to play, and for us the inspiration came as a calling to create a place that embodies holistic living, earth-stewardship, and evolutionary self-determination.  We recognize the need to re-invent our cultural understandings, to use language that most accurately reflects that which we know to be true.  To cultivate values that support our highest aspirations....and so this vision has come to be known to us as Eternaculture. It is a philosophy grounded in understanding our true nature as spiritual beings who are having a human experience, within a profoundly sacred, complex and interdependent nature of reality. This understanding is supported by integral thought, spiritual wisdom teachings, systems theory, wholistic wellness, regenerative permaculture, and the sacred harmony of sound; all which is woven together into a tapestry of wholistic living which is foundational to support our ability to thrive and take our place in the co-creative realms of beauty, harmony, and health embodied in our lives, within our habitat, among our communities, and with all life.

And so, this vision of Eternaculture that is being born through us called us to take a giant leap of faith, leaving behind all that we knew of our lives in Canada and brought us to a Sacred Valley in the South of Ecuador in 2011 to create a center for transformational living.  We saw the need to offer people a living example that would be both educational and inspirational unto the endless potential of possibilities that open up when you are willing to step out of the matrix of limited belief and take responsibilty to manifest destiny.  Check out our website to learn more about our center and what we offer here...
So after 6 years of offering yoga, workshop and transformational retreats we realized that we need to expand our capacity to share this light, and these powerful tools of change.  So, here we are opening a portal of light to offer out a transmission of love, to share our practices and our good living wisdom.  We hope this place feels like a sanctuary in which you can find a place to connect and deepen into your true self, and nourish your higher aspirations, for health, happiness and JOY.

holding a great hope of our ability to birth a renaissance of culture together, sharing with you our vision of Eternaculture,
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