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Every little bit helps! Thank you for being awesome and giving me some support! You'll now have a special rank on the Eternal's gameroom discord server!

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Gain higher rank on discord server than previous tier, with benefits that go along with that. Also be whitelisted on current minecraft server.

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About Eternal

What's up ladies and gentlemen!! Welcome to my Patreon! I have been recording gaming video's for a while now and have come to love doing it. Most of all, interacting with all of you amazing people. When I first started my channel, I really didn't think it would go very far, but everyday you guys prove me wrong. I want to continue to record video's and share what I can do with you and at the same time, I'd like to get to know you guys better. I think Patreon is a good way of doing that. So a little pledge will help keep my computer up to date, allowing me to make the best video's I possibly can and potentially let me get to know you better.  Only pledge if you can afford it....please don't strap yourself tight:)

FYI - The Patreon page is still a work in progress, more stuff will be added later, and rewards possibly made better. 
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Once we reach this goal, I will open up a Patron only minecraft server. Vanilla or modded will be decided then.
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