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is creating Ethical Hedonist Magazine - Vanity Fair Meets The Ecologist
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About Alison Jane Reid

Welcome to the extraordinarily inspiring world of Ethical Hedonist Magazine - a new online Fairtrade luxury magazine devoted to taking slow, sustainable living centre stage in a way that has never been done really well before. Think of Ethical Hedonist as a emerald Vanity Fair meet The Ecologist, without the preaching, the gloom or the endless demands for self sacrifice. In my opinion, preaching a guilt trip is never the intelligent way wins kind hearts and minds. I prefer the idea of aspiration, not  penance! I want to  put a dash of 'Emerald Princess Style' and chutzpah into the world of sustainable living and innovation - a evolutionary new mood of authentic, slow, sustainable living from London to Lagos.

The USP of EH Magazine is my talent as a writer, editor and original thinker. I have a 20-year track record at the top of British journalism and a passion for storytelling - from beautifully crafted interviews with icons - to unforgettable reports and opinion pieces on fashion, slow and organic food, integrated health, culture, society, eco travel and baking! Yes, I adore cooking. That means informing, entertaining and inspiring you to  support  - Fairtrade, heritage, local, organic, artisan, preciously sustainable - from haute couture to fishing; baking to eco adventure travel; integrated health to art, culture and music; organic skincare to interviewing the stars of the BBC Natural History Unit, from Sir David Attenborough to Colin Morgan, the ethical actor who champions conservation and vibrant, healthy living, oh and eating plenty of organic chocolate and fabulous cakes along the way! The interview with Gunda Hafner is one of AJ's latest and highly popular interviews with an up coming, eco conscious fashion star.

I am all about slow, inspiring change and being authentic in everything I do. I will also do my bit to be an inspiring advocate for change, and get big companies to do better and adopt a more sustainable approach to their producers and to us, the consumer.  I will be running inspiring campaigns and the EH Awards to get the junk out of our everyday lives, and to show people how growing more of our own food can revolutionise health, wellbeing and contentment.

I am an awesome feature writer. You can expect unforgettable interviews. During a career spanning 20  years working for The Times, Sunday Times, You, The Lady and Country Life. I have interviewed some fascinating cultural icons including: Sir David Attenborough,  Karl Lagerfeld, Naomi Watts, Vanessa Redgrave, Clive Owen, Kate Moss,  Kim Cattrall, Kristen Davies, Hugh Bonneville, Simon Callow,  Marianne Faithfull, Anna Friel, Iman, Brian May, Glenn Close and Ted Danson, to name a few of my fascinating interview subjects. 

Prepare to be surprised and to get involved. I mentor undergraduates and graduates wishing to purse a career in journalism, pr and marketing, and we provide short, intensive traineeships to give aspiring writers a ringside seat on the qualities and skills you need to become a successful journalist.

I am so proud of the amazing stories and features we have on EH right now. Read the story of the female lawyer who took on the giant nappy companies, to produce a more sustainable, eco friendly nappy that is kinder to babies and our planet;  discover how Londoners and Borough Market are finding clever ways to turn food waste into delicious, wholesome meals for vulnerable local people with mental health conditions;  discover a secret, sustainable bolt hole in my atmospheric travel reports; find and exciting place to feast on local and organic food in my quirky, life-affirming restaurant reviews and read my three very different interviews with one of the most remarkable people I have ever met, Sir David Attenborough - a renaissance man for all seasons.  Get involved and tell me what interviews and features you would like me to write - please join my Sustainable, Fairtrade, Emerald Revolution today -

N.B. At the moment Patreon is based in the US, and thinks only in dollars! We have asked them if they can think in pounds sterling too. So all rewards are goals are given in dollars. It is very easy to do the maths and convert in pounds for our English readers and fans.  

Love, Alison Jane and the EH Team - Christian, Ana Maria and Kevin.
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