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About Ethical Preparedness

First: Thank You for supporting me and the message I try to spread!

I am starting this Patreon account to purchase better equipment to continue making videos. Currently the video camera I have is a cheap hand-me-down; and I'm only able to use free software.

Along with videos covering the typical prepping/prepper/survivalist topics, this channel also delves into non-typical prepper subjects such as how to join a prepper retreat group, health issues for preppers, and how the courts judge our self-defense actions.

Along with the regular video subjects on long-term food storage, water, and self-defense; I also have a strong background in our judicial system and I help explain how our self-defense laws could affect a person when they're forced to protect themselves.

I am a police officer and also an Oath Keeper; and I'm certified to instruct in multiple weapons and also Use of Force issues. Because integrity and ethics are very important to me, I try incorporate them into my videos whenever possible.

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