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About Euphio

Euphio is an international spam mail corporation with goals including but not limited to; achieving relevance, being the worse band in the universe, bringing sexy bass back and fighting amongst one another. Our drummer is mean, our bass player is stoic and our singer plays guitar. 

On a serious note we are a Los Angeles Based Rock Band who have been called jazz grunge by some. We are a female lead guitar trio, with an extensive original song list. Our songs are usually based on our lives and if not, they are based on elaborate fictional interpretations of our lives sometimes they are borrowed from more talented writers like Stephen King or Kurt Vonnegut. We can provide private shows, personal recording and otherwise all the normal band stuff you would expect.
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We don't really have a specific Goal. We want everybody to know about our Band. We have basically infinite music and projects to make and the more money the better. We would like Euphio to be considered the worst band in the universe.
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