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About Evan Miller

Greetings, Alpha Plus Intellectuals! In today's society of instant gratification and widespread screen addiction, it seems nobody reads a book anymore. I decided to do something about it: Read! And I'm taking you along for the ride...

Every day, I read a chapter of the novel (out loud) and give you my stream-of-conscious reactions to the text as I would to an old friend. This is NOT an audiobook - it's much longer!

Although my tone is friendly and conversational, I try read the book deeply and critically - explaining literary references, identifying rhetorical devices, defining difficult words, highlighting elegant phrases, dramatizing beautiful passages, prognosticating likely plot developments, and inserting my wide-ranging opinions about the text as it applies to the Western canon as well as the world outside the library. I try to help you see more in the text, and also sound smart to all your friends :-)

To give you some flavor, recent videos have included discussions of Kant's moral philosophy, Shakespeare's Macbeth, Vergil's Aeneid, the psychology of mass persuasion, and the Latin foundations of the English language, as well as pop-culture references to Barbarella, A Clockwork Orange, and Bill Murray movies. In all cases, I try to keep the focus on the text.

I'm not an expert on the book - in fact, I've never read anything by Huxley at all! What I bring to each reading is a broad liberal arts education and an appreciation for good writing. I'm a computer programmer by day; each video that I upload is about an hour in length, and takes several hours to produce. Your support will allow me to continue dissecting the prose of great science fiction writers, beginning with Aldous Huxley and H.G. Wells.

Watch the video above for a brief introduction to the series. I hope you'll join me in this unique experience, actively reading a great book for pleasure and contemplation.
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