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About Magician Evan Myles

Hi.  My name is Evan Myles, I have been performing for audiences since i was 7.  As history would have it, my Great-great Grandfather was a magician who knew Harry Houdini and started the Baltimore Maryland chapter of the Society of American Magicians with Thurston & Kellar in the 1930's. His name was Arthur Morris Cowan or as they called him then, "Mr. A.M.".

I discovered the Society of Young Magicians at 12 and my magic really took a leap.  My first large audience performance, was in 2012 for 150 professional magicians at a magic convention where kids almost never get to perform.  I was 12 years old and got rave reviews.  

That was the night that I met a legend in the magic community, the last surviving assistant of the great Harry Blackstone Sr, Adele Friel Rhindress and my journey turned toward the professional.  Since then, I have been mentored by and associated with Great Magicians such as David Oliver, Ice McDonald, Jeff McBride, Darren Romeo and Lance Burton.

Now, I am preparing my first full-length stage show full of magic, music and illusions and am planning to take it on tour after I graduate High School, Summer of 2017.  On May 19th, and I went on stage before an audience of nearly 1326 people, and performed a number from next years show called "Myles of Magic".  

I have come to Patreon hoping to find the beginning of my audience that might want to help get my work on the road so I can entertain everyone with my art, my love and my joy ... magic.  It is my goal to bring this joy to everyone I can because I believe, that everyone's lives need a little magic in them.

This first act for Myles of Magic, cost several thousand dollars to put together and we're prepping a 2 hour show.  I hope you enjoy my performances and all the special little behind the scene's videos I post here for my patrons, enough to support my work as this is my career that I begin the moment High School is over.

Please know that my content here on Patreon will always be available for free, regardless of whether or not you choose to support me here.  Your pledge helps me bring you great performances.

Thank you so very much for watching and for helping me out, you can't imagine how much I appreciate each and every one of you!
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As I said in my bio, just the one act alone cost a few thousand, every penny here will help!  I have 2 acts ready, the first cost nearly $5,000 (you can see pics of that on my website where I talk about my Broadway Night 2015 performance).  We are creating every single piece custom, writing our own music and really pulling together a class operation, pulling out all the stops!
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