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About Eventvods

Eventvods has been running for over 3 years now.

A team of dedicated members put in their free time to make and update Reddit tables, upload on YouTube, design artwork, work that CSS magic, work on web development, and so much more.

We never charged anything for it. And we never will.

We would, however, like to take our services to the next level. 

We can do that. But not without your help. Multiple members would like to invest more time in your favorite esports on demand platform that is Eventvods. We simply can't all do that because of work, school, and other real life commitments.

With a successful Patreon campaign it would be possible to get one - or maybe more - members to work for Eventvods for a fixed amount of time every month. This helps us improve a variety of things:

  • Speed up website development
  • More features
  • Better uploads
  • More content
  • Quicker updates
  • More titles covered
  • Smaller events covered
  • More giveaways
  • More possibilities

Everything you want. You name it, we fix it.

Let's build the best esports on demand platform, together.

Thank you,


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Help us survive. Aside from reoccuring costs we can now spend some to make Eventvods as a brand more professional.
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