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About EvilElitest

Who are you?
I am Elijah, Hoarder of Worlds, EvilElitest, the Rolling Stormcloud of the Mind. I am on the internet.  My Partner in Crime is Dot, who is more humble than I am and thus I will henceforwth pretend this is entirely my project and not give her any of the credit or cash.  
What are you doing?
Here I will talk about the many things bouncing around in my head: educational information, reviews, critical analysis, incoherent ranting or just nerdy thought experiments. Hopefully other people will have fun reading the nonsense in my brain.  
Some previous stuff I"ve worked on include the Fatal Flaw Podcast, the Boy I Don't Know Podcast and 100 Days of Trump.
Why are you doing this?
I can't imagine I am the only person who has been imaging making a Patreon but keeps getting intimidated by the process of actually doing it, but here we go, real life character growth. So I have a lot of ideas and thoughts, and I think people like to hear them. Now my personal life is basically been a sort of balancing act between money problems, work problems, personal problems, and actually trying to find something resembling personal happiness, so if I could make real life grown up money off doing what I love; having thoughts and sharing them online, it will go a long way towards helping me reach this mythical "stability" I keep hearing people talk about.
How is this going to work?
You will request podcast topics in exchange for goods and services. I will eventually fill all requests, even if it requires buying and consuming new media, that is a guarantee. I will also answer questions, respond to comments, and invade Moldova.
Where does the money go?
As of now, all money I get from Patreon (monthly payment style) is going to go to rent/groceries/utilities and other major necessities. If by some miracle I make enough money to pay for all these things, then I am going to redo this page with the new goal of spending money made in things like improved audio, gaining the technology to make Lets Plays, better video quality etc. I’d love to spend some money to improve the show’s quality, it’s just that at the moment survival is the my highest priority. So it’s like a GoFundMe where you also can force me to watch terrible anime and talk about it for cash.
When am I?
What is your inspiration?
Zero Punctuation, Innuendo studios, Hbomberguy, Brows Held High, Extra History/Extra Credits, The Big Picture, The Jimquisition, the Nostalgia Chick, Vlogbrothers/Crash Course, Mike Duncan's Revolutions, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History, CGP Grey, Red Letter Media, the Spoony Experience, Lars Brownworth's Twelve Byzantine Rulers, Noah Gervais, Errant Signal and too may film writers to count.  I am going to rip off ideas and concepts from all of these people, and claim them as my own.  Oh and Planescape Torment.  
Break this down for me.
Because I had to choose only one term to describe my work, I went with "Podcasts" but I also do a great deal of writing and even the occasional videos. Podcasts will often feature my co-host Dot and occasionally our roommate Lindsay who will awkwardly butt into discussions. And since I tend to try organize my mind by theme, most of what will be produced will fall into these categories, imagine them as segments but without the eye rolling graphical openings CNN always has. But new categories might be made, and sometimes we will just make something for fun that defies simple categories. We are actually very bad at categories. You can expect at least three podcasts a month, likely more. If I don't deliver, I will be sent to internet jail.

The segments are as follows:
Fatal Flaw
The Signature Podcast, here my co-host and I will take a work of media, be it a film, book, video game, play, anything with a narrative structure; that we actually like and find the one part of it that has gone wrong.
Format: Podcast
This is where we talk about Tabletop Gaming, specifically D&D, by looking at the design and story choices that make up the game play. Lots of shop talk here.
Format: Podcast, Writing
Boy I Don't Know
A spin-off of Fatal Flaw, when we realized that some of the works we planned to review didn’t deserve to be on that show. This is where we talk about various critically acclaimed works where we just don't get the appeal. To qualify for this, the work needs to be critically or popularly beloved to the point where "this work is good" is taken as a given, and it needs to either be terrible or just unimpressive. For example, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. God that movie is awful.
Format: Podcast
Getting to Know
In my other series, I reference a lot of things, and I don’t always explain the relevant background, because I’ve been informed that five hour podcasts are “clunky” and “unlistenable” and “kind of ridiculous”. So here is a series where I explain the basic background you need to know on a certain topic. Various media forms and genres, theories such as the Great Man Theory and Postmodernism, what Cultural Marxism actually is (spoiler alert: it did not invent liberalism).
I am planning a very long series on explaining the entire middle eastern situation so it can be less confusing, which would be epic.
Format: Writing, Podcast
Off Our Chest
This is where we talk about some trend in media which just really bothers us, like most anime protagonists or auto leveling in RPGs. If you ever wanted to listen to us rant about something that really isn't a big deal, then this is the series for you. This is sometimes morphed into the dark, nega, bearded version of itself Fair Enough, where we admit that the detractors of something have a point...for the wrong reasons.
Format: Podcast, Writing
Debunking the Stupid
And if you want us to rant about something which actually matters, this is the series for you, because this is where I try to address some of the everyday stupidity which is just seen as commonplace by breaking something down and talking about it. Most prominently are conspiracy Theories, which are kinda fascinating in how much they tell about the people who believe in them, this is where I take a conspiracy theory, easily disprove it, and then talk about why people believe this nonsense and what it says about the larger culture. This is also where I address a wide variety of logical policies, explain what they aren't, what they aren't, and how people use to them
Format: Podcast, Writing, Video
Random Ramblings
Have you ever found some small thing in life, be it a youtube video, a specific scene in a long running tv show, a joke that keeps playing out in your head, or an obscure movie that nobody else seems to have heard of, which you just find yourself thinking about it constantly? Have you ever wished some eccentric person on the internet could talk about that exact subject in far more detail than is at all reasonable? Well fear not, your very specific requests have been granted, this is where I just talk about odd thoughts that cross my mind. This is where more of my critical reviews/critical theory will be posted, including why something works.
Format: Podcasts, Writing, Videos
Blast to the Past
This is where I look at video game and compare currents to earlier works in terms of design choices. Currently I am focusing on western RPGs design choices, comparing for example, comparing character levels in Dragon Age vs. Baldur's Gate, or looking at how romance subplots have changed in the Western RPG tradition.
X vs. Y
This is a silly series where I take two things and compare them....in any way I (or you really) want. It can be as obvious as comparing the LOTR movies to the books, it can comparing seemingly unrelated works like Andrei Tarkavosky's Stalker and Dark Souls and musing about them..or it can literally who do I think would win in a fight? Could Link take on Sephirroth? Could Sauron defeat the Lich King? Samurai vs. Knight? If Edgar Allen Poe got into a fist fight with Confucius, who would win? Everything is on the table.
Neglected Facts
This is where I go into detail into a historical period/event, political/historical/artistic theory, philosophy, or current event which is really important but most people don't know. Mostly history. Rather than focusing on the basic background as in Getting to Know, this series focuses on the small details people often get wrong.
Format: Podcasts, Writing, Video
Let's Read/Let’s Watch/Let’s Play
You can experience a work with us (or maybe just me, it depends on the work). This is where either record ourselves reading a book, watch an episode of a tv show and record our immediate response, or do a let’s play.
Format: Podcasts
Reviewing Things We Haven't Seen
Either Dot or I attempt to review a work, be it a book, movie, game what ever...without ever actually seeing it, just going off pop cultural osmosis.
Also Patreon tells me that 99.5% of the top earning creators use this section to thank their fans and patrons, and as you all know, I never argue with popular trends. Thank you for everything.

$68 of $100 per month
At this point I am just in awe that I made 100 Dollars by just talking online.  To that end, I start to really double down on producing content and try to put out more per month and dedicate more man hours towards research and reviewing than before.  Money starts to go towards groceries
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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