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Greetings, minions! We are a multidimensional tentacled being, bent on global domination through interactive fiction! We are here to invite you to submit to us!

Uh, actually we're just a collection of indie game devs, artists and writers who are making a serialized visual novel MMO called Susurrus: Season of Tides. (It's out already and free to play: go check it out!)

Yes, we suppose the little non-bold-face voice is correct. We are creating an interactive story game that is unique, and we are here to levy our rightful tribute -

- Let's go with, maybe, "ask for your support"...?

Sigh. Very well. Ahem. We neeeeeeed...your...ABSOLUTE OBEDI--

--We REALLY need your support to keep releasing content! We update the game at least monthly with new stories and quests by our amazing writing team (including Intercon favorite Tory Root, IF champ Caelyn Sandel, and emerging playwright Phoebe Roberts), new NPCs with custom art led by illustrator Duncan Eagleson

Ah yes, he drew that lovely Neil Gaiman story about the werewolves...we like werewolves...

Our game has werewolves! Vampires and mages, too! You can play whichever you like, and explore a world filled with supernatural mystery and diverse characters! But to keep creating at this pace, we need your help!

Do these people have any idea how expensive maintaining an Evil Lair is? You might be burying the lede a bit here.

This isn't about the koi pond again, is it?

Well it turns out that laser sharks are not only prohibitively costly, they are for some reason illegal! Massachusetts, jeeeeez.

The koi pond is much more appropriate, lord.

Those things will nibble you to death!

Yyyyes. In any case - we're working hard to make Susurrus: Season of Tides something truly special - a deep narrative experience with diverse, relateable characters, woven into a novel game engine that enables your choices to change the game world for all players.

But we can't do it without you!

We chose Patreon rather than a one-time, all-or-nothing fundraiser because we know that our work is about ongoing creation, and your ongoing support is what will help us keep going and keep making this game bigger, better, and more beautiful.

Also the koi ate our supply of office snacks. 

Shh. In return for your ongoing support, we'll keep bringing you more and deeper stories! We'll keep our Patrons up to date with exclusives and insider studio access! We'll give you in-game goodies! And at higher levels of support, we'll even write you into the game, and make you part of our world. 

Aw, we love that song! "What's the word...Burrrrrrrrn!"

Thanks so much for your support. And if you could, uh. Maybe bring us, like, a cake? With a file in it? These chains kinda chafe.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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