is creating A book of photography & stories from travels throughout Iran
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You will receive a giclee print of an original miniature Persian painting from my book, A Rumi Anthology

Rumi Anthology
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Limited-print book of calligraphy & original Persian miniature paintings




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About EvilPersian

After growing up in the States, I chose to root out and travel back to my birthplace, Iran. The past two years have been spent traveling through ancient Persian sites such as millennia-old desert cities, old mosques, and bustling bazaars. This has resulted in over 47000 photos, a selection of which I intend on printing in a book alongside stories of the people and places I've come across on my journey. I'm currently back in the US doing a series of exhibitions of my photographs as well as  rare books of miniature paintings and calligraphy which are the last works of my late stepfather, Bahman Parsa, a renowned Iranian artist. My campaign is to raise funds for the publicaion of a new book. As rewards I am offering my own photographic prints, and for a limited lucky few, a rare book of Persian calligraphy with script by master Gholam Hossein Amirkhani and original miniature paintings.