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By pledging $1 you will be given the opportunity to contribute to one of our videos, this may be suggesting a game to make a video about or providing audio commentary in one of our videos and given credit for your participation.
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By pledgin $5, you will be given the opportunity to contribute to the script of one of our videos and choose a game to do a video on.  The pledgee will be able to contribute in any way he/she may choose, as long as it is appropriate and abides by youtube regulations.  You will also be given a plug at the end, if you have a youtube channel or twitter along with a verbal shoutout and your name added to a contributors list in our videos for that month.




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About EvilPixel

As some may know, a majority of our content consist of documented content about cancelled games as well as beta differences between final versions of games.  We also gained some popularity from our fighting game tutorials which were featured in shoryuken.com and eventhubs.com .  We usually upload every weekday, and as some may know it takes a toll on our equipment.  By contributing to us, you will be helping us aquiring better equipment to provide much better content.  Our main goal is to buy a Cinema 4k camera and make documentary style video with face cam.  By pledging you will also have a say in our content provided.

Here are a few of our videos

$0 of $100 per month
If our goal is met we will be upgrading our computer to be able to provide HD video and captures, as well as accquire a cinema 4k camera to make every video a documentary style video with face cam. Unfortunately Cinema 4k cameras are a bit expensive so any amount would help.
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