is creating A life time of entertainment! of streaming on twitch
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Why thank you, you are to kind
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thanks for helping out with the stream and what i want to do with my future!!!
Wow you must really like my content!
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Thank you so very much i must be doing something right if you donate this much 




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About EvilJesture

Hey thank you for stumbling on my Patroen.

My name is Tayler and i been wanting to start up a stream for the longest time. I have 2 jobs at the moment and trying to make it to the streaming community. I tried to stream in the past and couldn't make ends meet so I had to take up another job.

I really want to provide entertainment to the masses and have a good time with everyone. I hope I can bring more on the table then most streamers. I hope you guys could help me out to get kick started on my life wanted career as being an entertainer.    
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just dollar at least is a start this would be great help no matter what. If this goal is achieved you will greatly thanked from me

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