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About Excuse The Accent

My Name's Ritchie and I run the Youtube account "Excuse The Accent" (but you probably already knew that, otherwise why are you here?). I recently graduated from university with in Sports Psychology, which unfortunately was something I fell out of love with (that and I don't think anyone will be involved in opening Sports Psych factories anytime soon).

So I decided to move over to media more specfically YouTube, I've always had a passion for all forms of media, whether it be Video Games, Films, Music etc. So I thought why not make videos dedicated to these topics and here I am! Begging internet strangers for money....

But seriously this is something I've always wanted to do, having a chance to create a community discussing various types of content, new and old, with a bunch of people all over the place is something I've always dreamed of doing.

However, YouTube monetisation normally tends to favour channels who produce quantity over quality and thats something I'm not inclined to do as my main focus is creating consistently high quality content that has a ton (tonne?) of replay value. This takes time as I'm only one person which is where you come in! Being an active contributer will provide me with a lot more time to focus on creating videos due to your direct support, instead of focusing on the not so important stuff such as eating or rent. Eventually I'd love for this to become a full time job and I'd love for you to come along on the journey.

Thanks for reading,

Ritch x
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Games ain't cheap are they? I'd love to do a couple of reviews on current games, so a bit moola might help me out just a fucking shit ton, son.
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