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About Expera Game Studio

We're an Italian indie game development team trying their best to make AWESOME videogames! We are here to ask a direct support to our fans for help us developing the best videogames we can, remaining independent.

Eli Daddio
is the storywriter, game designer, lead artist and co-founder of Expera Game Studio. He loves to write, to draw and to make RPGs far too complex to develop at this stage. He also loves to eat a lot and complain about gaining weight.

Luca Porrino is the project manager, lead developer, co-founder and the one who prevents the game designer from writing 800 hours of gameplay for a one hour long game. His task is to be sure that the developed game is as similar as possible to the expected one. He practices medieval fencing and has to endure Eli's complaints.

Want to see some of our work?

Follow this link and to see and play all of our published games!

What are we planning to do in the future?

We are planning to continue developing Point and Click Adventure games for now, trying to raise the quality bar up with each new game. We have a lot of new ideas we want to develop, and we are rising funds to make them real!

Some of our planned future projects:
- Continuing developing the little "Rogue Quest" games series.
- Developing a remastered edition of "A Matter of Caos", adding more content and revisiting the graphics.
- Developing "A Tale of Caos: Symphony", the new episode of the "A Tale of Caos" series.
- Developing "A Matter of Caos: No Rest for the Wicked", the sequel for "A Matter of Caos".

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We can pay the rent for the office and all the bills, furthermore we can buy all the professional tools we need to develop our videogames!
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