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HELLO We are JP & M Madding.
We are Awakening to our Life’s Purpose and find JOY and Passion for Life again ~ becoming a Patreon Supporter of #knotBIGenough & the Experiment of CHANGE and Be WoW'd with JP's Words Of Wisdom!
We are Passionate about helping People give themselves Grace and forgive themselves of their past & We want to Help You - set a Clear Path for your Future Self. Know that YOU can Live Life Abundantly. Give You Permission to Take Charge of your life You are the CEO’s of Your Life. Draw out a Game Plan. Jump Start Your life. Find Your Voice. Magically Grow Your Savings. Dream. Play. Creating the Vision that YOU can be the Change in Your World.
Our family went from Corp America to Franchise Business Owner with multiple stores
to homeless in 2011
We wish the time flew as fast as the typing between these thoughts.
While attending a direct sales conference, one of the leaders spoke about a letter He Wrote to his future Self.
Discover where Wonder & Love can Guide you& that is where the shift happened in our Journey
We have revised our Vision of Our Future Selves MANY Times (addendum’s happen when we sharpen the details)
Version 1 Written in Dec 2014. one of many sentences was to live where we worked and work where we live. End of the month Marleen was working as an Assistant Property Manager & we moved out of her parent’s home to OUR Own Home
Version 2 Written July 2015. details written as if Marleen was Dorothy on our Journey to Oz. & She sang Somewhere over the Rainbow often (its my favorite song!) of course lots of Details in between - we ended the statement with we would like Joy & Grace in our Daily lives. (Property Management is a tough gig!) May 2016 New Job. New City. New Apartment! Capitol Hill - Rainbow Sidewalks - Marleen’s Corporate Receptionist’s Name is Joy & Resident Services Coordinator’s name is Grace.
Magical. Right?! leaving the rollercoaster of details and emotions for another time...
Jump Start Your Life
that is Just a Snipit. Would love to hear your story & get YOU on your path to Your Future Self
Join Vision Board Workshop or let’s meet up - in person or virtually to chat!
& the Story Continues
2017 ReVisioning ~ West Seattle Contract
2018 ReVisioning ~ Bought a Boat #knotBIGenough & New Contract Moved back to Seattle
2020 Future Casting & enVisioning the adVenture ~ My Oh My ...
<3 Let Your Light Shine Bright
Thank YOU for Your Support <3 We are Excited to Share with YOU our Experiment of Change and our Life <3 

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