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Feminism is happening and men have some questions.

The world is changing around them and, sure, they want to understand how and why.

Some men genuinely want to understand and play their part... others, well they just want to have an argument with a woman on the internet.

Since the dawn of time, women have been been expected to do the unpaid work of explaining our movement to the men who have questions. And I'm sick of it.

WOMEN and NON-BINARY friends - Do you have a man bugging you with questions about the gender pay gap, consent or quotas? Send them here - for just a few quid/dollars they can receive answers to their questions from a Real Life Woman!

MEN - do you genuinely want to understand a feminist issue in more detail? Do you have questions but don't want to add to the labour your female friends already carry out? Perhaps you want help navigating the expectations of the new era you're living in? Or maybe you just really enjoy having arguments with a woman you've never met on the internet. Well, I am HERE FOR YOU. For a very reasonable fee.
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