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“FANSHIP Magazine was founded by writer, artist, and entrepreneur, Linda D. Scott in Atlanta, Georgia in April 2018.
Scott, formerly the editorial assistant of Editor-in-Chief Griselle Rodriguez at ArTL Magazine, was inspired to start the magazine after the unfortunate and untimely passing of Rodriguez. Scott wanted to honor her fallen friend and colleague by continuing the goal Rodriguez had set out to achieve as well as adding additional content.
“Fanship” is a less commonly used word for “fandom”. FANSHIP became the eponym Scott acronymized and used to title her magazine as it best described its content and intentions. A lover of most things nerd, art, anime, book, music, film, comic, and technology-based, Scott decided to focus the magazine on the niche of audiences who shared that same passion in those areas, thus, FANSHIP Magazine was born.
The purpose of FANSHIP Magazine is to showcase creative talent, bring awareness to issues, and to provide semblances of hope for our readers. We live in very tumultuous times and this magazine’s goal is to shed a little light into the darkness. We aim to connect people and give voices to creatives and tell the stories of those who have faced hardships.

FANSHIP is not just about Fans, Artists, Nerds, Shippers, Heroes, Independents, and Performers, it is for them as well.”
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