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About FAS_Hedgehogs

Thank You!

First I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to give the page a look, a special thank you to my Patrons, and those thinking of supporting me in the future. This is a new venue for us here, and I would love to welcome you to accompany me on this journey to see where it will lead, as we get off of the ground with Patreon. A great deal of the video presented here, and through our YouTube Channel will be on the hedgehogs that are currently available, new litters that are recently born and their progress, how the record keeping works, basically an "inside out" view of FAS. I would like to do a few update videos on any changes that happen, and perhaps a few hedgie product reviews from time to time, so we'll see how it all works out.

Who is FAS Hedgies?

We are a USDA licensed breeder, located in Las Vegas, NV, and began raising hedgehogs about 11 years ago. Our hedgies are raised for health, good genetics, and temperament (as best as that is possible). Since they are sold directly from our home, we ask that you respect our privacy and if you would like to visit with us that you would please make an appointment in advance. We do ship out of state via commercial airlines, to any area where they are considered legal to own.

Why Patreon?

Raising hedgehogs can easily become a "full time" job. Being a reputable breeder, in most cases does not always equal "profit". Much of what comes in from product sales and hedgehog adoptions, goes right back out in supplies, food, and veterinary costs. As such, there are many times when our "breeding business" actually costs us money. Perhaps if we had an actual retail location it would be a little different, but that is not the reason we do what we do. So I decided to give this outlet a try to assist us in the day to day maintenance costs associated with our day to day costs, and those pesky bumps in the road that can take you by surprise like large unexpected vet bills. Since we typically have a large number of hedgehogs, commercial vet insurance is not really an option for us. We do have a vet "fund", but that can be emptied out quickly in the event of too many emergencies in a short period of time.

In Summary...

I wanted to be able to have a platform where I can showcase our hedgies, what we do here, maybe some of the events that I might attend, inspections, vet visits, product reviews, who knows what else. maybe even a podcast on something that one of our Patreon viewers would like to know about.

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By hitting my first goal of $250 per month, I will be able to do those hedgie product reviews, comparisons, and fixes for my Patrons.
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