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Bronze Unicorn Patreon Support grants access to special supporter games. Duos and Squad Sessions in Fortnite.
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Silver Unicorn Patreon Support grants access to special supporter games, one on one training sessions in playground mode, and the chance to play with me during my live streams one appointed time during the month. I will also help teach you how to Create your own Gaming channel, and teach you how to grow it!
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Gold Unicorn Support Status grants you all the Benefits of Bronze and Silver Status, and so much more! Your name will be inserted in to my Live Stream overlay, so when I’m streaming, everyone will see that you’re a Gold Unicorn Supporter! You can play with me while I live stream once a week! You get to have a say in upcoming giveaways, and other things relating to UnicornGaming! You will be granted full access, and just about anything you want, game wise!



About UnicornGaming

My name is Josh Merrill. I am a Husband, Father of One (soon to be two), Business Owner, and a Content Creator on Facebook and YouTube. Being a content creator is my true passion. Owning my own business allows me the flexibility I need to be able to juggle the many things on my plate, but ultimately I’d love to give up the business to do what I truly love.

UnicornGaming is the Brand I’ve created, based off the PlayStation name I’ve had for years, aPrancingUnicorn.
Our aim is to help this generation of Gamers, and those who follow, to become the best they can be! You may be asking, how can I, as a content creator, accomplish this? Firstly, we want to create a community which will support, inspire and challenge. Secondly, we want to give back to the community by offering Giveaways. Thirdly, and most importantly, I’d like to challenge my followers and viewers to be the best people they can be. Challenge them to follow their dreams, and do what they love. Challenge them to work hard, be caring, and be compassionate in all faucets of life!

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