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The Works & Progress
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Here you'll get to see what I'm working on now and what led up to it. A work-journal, of sorts. Currently that also includes a History of Violet Mice, which means you slowly build a collection of my entire discography while learning the stories behind the songs.

A Month To Remember
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Along with everything from the previous tier, you get Two Brand New Songs every month! These songs are the more finished works in progress, and might end up on future albums, or may remain exclusive to you.




Hello, I'm Annie!
I am a musician and a cartoonist who just moved from Chicago, IL to Albuquerque, NM. When in Chicago, I created the glam pop group Violet Mice. Here's a video for the song "Weird (Like Me)," from my most recent album, EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS BAD, which was an album made up of songs I've written since moving here, supported by Patrons Like You.

For more glam fun, here's a total banger from my EP CRUCIAL:

In Chicago, I also used to have a webcomic called FEELS, which was about a group of art school freshmen trying to get their shit together. It was sweet and sad, and I loved it dearly! But those things are also in the past. So what's the future!?

Right now, I'm almost done with a new album, called Weird (Like Me), which is going to be presented as a reissue of a lost gem of alternative rock from 1994. I'm also nearly done with the next album, The Nuclear Age, which will use the cover of my proximity to the Trinity test site to sing songs about the extreme depression moving here has caused me.

I also have been known to do a bit of writing. I used to have a blog about the old television show Sliders, which I'm occasionally expanding into a full book. I'm also working on a very long comic book called And The Birds Flew From The Trees, which is about such jovial topics as youth, emotional distance, and toxic masculinity. I say that jokingly, but it feels like a very important comic for me to be making right now. The writing half could be anything— essays about Star Trek, or not, or essays about, I don't know, the game Marathon from 1994. Who knows! The sky's the limit! 

Okay, that's a lot of possible work-outcomes. So what's in it for you?

The $2 tier is "The Works and Progress," which allows you a peek into my work-life. Dispatches from the studio, be it a song, a drawing, a piece of writing, who knows! Plus, it's also a dive into the history of Violet Mice, starting with my first serious record, It Would Be Nice, eventually covering everything up to the final VM album Chiarobasura. This means that you'll slowly amass my entire discography, which will be something like 8 albums and change worth of songs, plus demos, sketches, live bits, the works! It's half biography, half how-to songwriting.

So that's effectively a free book and around seven albums worth of free songs, for $2/month. Not bad!

For $5, it's "A Month to Remember," which means you get Two Brand New Songs every month! They might be songs that wind up on my next album, or they might be one-offs that go only here. Here's a sample—

And what do I get out of it? Well, support, and the ability to do all this with less stress. Moving across the country was debilitatingly expensive, an expense I'm just beginning to recover from. It's also a thing I've recently started calling "the worst mistake I have ever made." I'm slowly trying to recover my life and finances so I can move out of here and prevent myself wading out into an arroyo.

Plus, there's always the materials— pens, paper, musical equipment, oh, yeah food, I guess? There's always something, and every bit will always help. My work life (okay, fine, my real life, too) is always shifting and changing. If you become a patron, you'd get to be the first to hear those changes. I'll trace a song from demo to finish for you. I'll draw a comic from sketch to bound for you. You get first drafts all the way to finals.

Okay, enough from me...

Love on ya!

16% complete
Music becomes my true part-time job, and I can focus on them with far more determination! The landing of moving across the country is much softer! Maybe I can find employment that helps free up time for creativity!
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