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Servitors are lobotomized cyborg workers and soldiers utilized throughout the Imperium and are commonly used for the most deadly, dangerous, or simply mundane work done upon Imperial ships.

However, as a Servitor, you are also connected to the ship's communication hub: the FL4K Community Discord.

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Ratings are the often thousands strong crew of a ship that handles all the dirty work upon the ship. In this case, your support has helped ensure the dirty work for the show is done by someone else.

In addition to the Servitor rewards, you will get a special shout-out at the end of each week's worth of episodes as a Rating or higher.

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Voidsmen are skilled laborers aboard Imperial ships, allowed to go most places as necessary and do actually important maintenance work throughout the ship. Your skills in ensuring the working functions of the ship grant you privileges undreamed of by your lessers.

Voidsmen and higher will be granted access to special scheduled events such as Live Q&A's with the Producer and DM, Full Cast Panels, and more.




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FL4K RPG's is a creation group for the production of Warhammer 40,000 RPG web series, the first web series being Deus Ex Bolter, a Rogue Trader game that will be released on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Friday's starting in Early 2019. Stay posted for updates!
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When F4RT reaches $50 a month, we will see significant visual upgrades, including a visual template to give the Roll20 screen some thematic flair.
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