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We started to help all student pilots, private pilots, and aviation enthusiasts learn about general aviation and ultimately make better, safer pilots.  We look to our Patreons for support to help us fund the overhead of our website, camera and computer equipment, and most importantly, the cost of maintenance and fuel on our aircraft!  With costs ranging from a few hundred dollars per video, to well over $1,000, we desperately need your help to continue our mission of providing a completely free resource to thousands of students and pilots around the world.

With your support, we will be able to continue growing our content to help teach all ratings and licenses, as well as continually improve our techniques of transferring knowledge in the most efficient ways possible.
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Once we reach this goal we will be able to start making videos for commercial pilot instruction, as well as record how to videos to fly outside the borders of the USA (Bahamas, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba!)
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