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About Us

What happens when a 40yo father tries to create something for his 16yo lazy son whose whole life revolves around chasing girls, playing video games and figuring out how to milk his father's income to buy himself a Yamaha? Hopefully something positive (for a father). Welcome to Father and Son Gaming Patreon page, a page that gives you the opportunity to take the pressure off of Father's wallet and to help him so he doesn't go broke. :)
What exactly is FN'SG? It’s our happy place: a space where we can share the enjoyment of playing games with YOU - through videos (gameplays, playthroughs, walkthroughs and what not).
This particular tandem is comprised of:
a father (a single father who is trying to bond with his son and to raise him so he would become a fairly descent man)
a son (a little bugger who is basically enjoying his teenage years oblivious of real life's problems)
Over the last year the stars have aligned for us to join forces and to create our own project on YouTube. We've noticed that our fan base became bigger and that people enjoy our videos, therefore we are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to expand that community and make some really cool content.
We're committed to producing a free weekly gaming videos for all of you, but both of us are the type that aren't satisfied with doing the bare minimum. We're eager and excited to create more content and we have a lot of ideas, some of which you can check out in our goals!
More funding means more time to dedicate to our final goals. We’re ready to throw ourselves in, headfirst, but the future of FN'S Gaming is in your hands.
We hope you're so jazzed to join this community that you’ll take the step to become a patron. Patrons will get exclusive photos and videos, and other extra goodies. But you can also help through your participation: commenting, liking and sharing our video content and social media posts...these all help us build momentum!
Feel free to check all of our content and jump in as a patron today! If you have any questions be sure to reach out.
Yours truly,
Father and Bum...sorry, Son :)
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We need to get our channel away from the reliance of Youtube Monetization and the only way to do this is through donations from you guys, our viewers.

We are hoping that a large number of our supporters will pledge a small amount each so that no one really feels a financial burden as We know times are hard for everyone at the moment.

It will allow us to do our job properly by upgrading our hardware and software without having to worry about being unable to create our usual content. It will give us total piece of mind to get on with things without the added stress of wondering where our next wages are coming from.

We work hard at what we do for everyone but we know if we had the financial support it could make our life a lot easier as well as making our content a lot better.
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