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Every fortnight you will be delivered a sumptuous banquet for the ears, as Hing and Ben record a bonus episode just for you, to listen to on your super yacht atop the highest tower in the cayman islands.

If you discover that this is too much of our bullshit for the human brain to handle, you are welcome to just give us your money and not listen to the bonus episodes, happy in the knowledge that you're making this show sustainable. 




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About Free To A Good Home

Two Australian idiots trawl through online classifieds and find the best and worst things to talk about - featuring special guests, snacks and an increasing conviction that something has gone terribly wrong.

Suspiciously free horses, cursed jewellery and the full gamut of the earth's creeps - this podcast has everything, as long as your definition of 'everything' is the three things we just mentioned. 

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