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Thanks to all of our Patreons we have managed to upgrade the site's backend server and software. This is dramatically improved streaming and connections as well as allow us to host more streams as the site grows.
With your continued contributions we will further improve the site with more features.

V3 of the site is well into development and is near a Beta release! This will feature a much better code base for our developers to work off allowing us to implement changes and upgrades like dual and triple streaming as well as many other features much faster.

Our roadmap to site upgrades are;
  • Dual and Triple streams (multiple streams on one page sharing a chat)
  • Subscription service (allows us to give donators advance features)
  • Event streams (convention streaming as well as larger streams)
  • Improved chat
  • Improved UI

How can you help?
There are many ways you can help. The biggest is obviously donate a few bucks every month to help support the running costs and development costs involved. But sharing this Patreon and promoting the site will also be a big help and that costs nothing. Hopefully you can do both!

Where does the money go?
Each month we have to pay multiple subscriptions to keep the site online. The main cost is our powerful server that is $150 a month to run.
We will also pay a monthly subscription for software on the server costing $65.
Advertisements to promote the site are also running, we use any left over money to go towards this and promotional material like flyers to hand out at Furry events.

Currently we do not have a system to provide rewards, but once the new site is out with the premium subscription service we will add these to the current rewards.
$5 will get you the basic subscription plan, $10 will give you access to the more advance subscription when it is developed.
Note, the site will always be free to everyone. But to help pay for the running costs and reward supporters there will be extra features!

These extra features include stream recording, higher ranking in directory and homepage, advance stream settings, multistream pages and a lot more!

The current rewards includes being featured on a supporter page that will be set up on the new site to list all the Patreons and donators. It will be a 4 tier system where $1+, $5 and $10 donors go plus a extra tier for extra donators who make big contributions.

Patreon costs involved.
Please be aware that Patreon and PayPal incur fees. We have calculated that this is around %15. This is currently covered by private donations made towards the site.

Please help us make this site awesome! Without your help the site will just slowly die :(

$6 of $150 per month
Streaming server at a better location in the US.
This doubles our capacity of streams and viewers as well as allows us to host larger event streams.
Network peering is much improved for US and AUS users as well as improving site performance with tenfold increase of processing power.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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