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Hello, internet! I am a humble Face in the crowd, and if you're here without already knowing what this is about, I write a long-running quest (live Choose Your Own Adventure / Interactive Fiction) and the occasional vignette on www.anonkun.com .

Writing Golden Empire has been a labor of love and or mild obsession, and I've been awed and gratitude-stricken by the pieces of wonderful art and Internet Friends that've been made thanks to it over these years. Whatever the result of this here thing, I mean to go on writing GE unto a decent narrative conclusion or the point where I'm run over by a bus.


Being a silly person, I usually write in 8-10 hour blocks on my days off, which tends to mean that I don't get much else done on those days. While I have and will continue to do this purely for the enjoyment of the thing itself, my financial situation hasn't exactly kept up with the cost of living, and I've been left to consider that if I devote most of a day out of every week to something, maybe I should at least put out a tip jar while I do it?

One of my worries has always been that I'll accidentally turn GE into 'work' and ruin it for myself, so I'm afraid I don't really think it's a good idea to promise extra sessions or other rewards. Likewise, I live in A City, so I don't want to put the expenses this'll go towards as a funding goal - any one of food, rent, or utilities is Significant Money, and I don't want to make meeting my needs a progress bar you lovely people are challenged to fill in. The $0+ reward is "GE continues," and you'll be getting it no matter what!

All that said, every little bit helps! Please don't feel obligated to donate, but you'll have my undying gratitude if you choose to!

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