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Welcome to Facehacking: The Science of Attraction, a channel dedicated to explaining all things related to facial attractiveness and relationships for the benefit of everyone.

The central idea of the channel is that facial attractiveness plays a large unspoken role in society- and attractive people incur certain social benefits that unattractive people don't. Therefore, if facial unattractiveness could be solved, everyone would be able to have an attractive face- and the world would be a fairer place.

Needless to say, my goal is to solve facial unattractiveness- such that everyone can have an attractive face. Give my videos a watch, and see if your perspective can be changed.

those who can wish to join the facehacking movement to support the end goal a reality of solving facial unattractiveness such that everyone can have an attractive face (discord/reddit/forum). If you can see the end goal and want it as well-support the cause, spread it, raise awareness. As long as you see why we’re doing this and you want to make the end goal a reality- for yourself, for others- you’re welcome to join. Join the cause, help me, help you. 

(PS seeking: academics w/ research interest on facial attr/mate choice/evo. psych to reform existing literature on the subject, orthodontics in favor of non-extraction methods for orthodontic collaboration, anyone with coding/programming expertise for tech/website stuff, and of course, member of the general public who wish to make our end goal- the impossible, a reality.


$0 of $1,000 per month
A minor degree of financial support- Things that need to be done: (solve facial unattractiveness so the social benefits of being attractive can be incurred by everyone) But first:

1. Awareness raised on my ideas (via YouTube)

2. Paper published on impact of maxillary dimensions on facial attractiveness and mate choice in a reputable journal

3. Collaboration with orthodontist to create prototype of product (Removable palate expander variant to remodel the maxilla), patenting, clinical trials and finally release

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