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About Faellu

♥ Hey, Faemily! ♥

PLEASE NOTE: Nothing "lewd" is posted here. This is to support my Twitch channel and other endeavors, as a way to provide me with a more stable income with this lifestyle.

Current Goal: Cover monthly health insurance

Before you read any further, the main purpose of pledging to my Patreon should be if you are able and willing to go above and beyond in supporting me and the future of my channel. This is primarily a place to provide additional support without expectation of anything in exchange, other than the continuation of amazing content and the spoiling of floofs. Although I am working hard to create extra rewards, I cannot promise that they will be available every month due to the recent events of my personal life. I am super thankful for any extra support and please don't ever worry if you have to cancel. I will not treat you any differently.

That being said, I wanted a way to give additional thanks and promote more community interaction to those who support me the most. You guys are the reason I can continue to cosplay and pursue my goal of becoming a full-time entertainer on Twitch! Pledges are processed at the beginning of each month (around the 5th). 

Currently, I am striving to be more active on the "Royal Council" and "Nobile Faemily" VIP Patreon rooms on discord. They include all the behind the scenes decisions (such as whether Jasper, Finley and Milo should have Dinosaur or Paint Splash bedding Keepo) and are where I usually hang out when I have time off stream.

* PLEASE NOTE:* Nothing will be displayed on here that cannot also be shown on Twitch. Twitch is my main platform, and as a partner it is my pleasure to ensure quality content. 
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