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This reward is a very basic one but it's the best way I can think of, of paying people back for supporting myself and Nylan and Insight to Insanity itself. No-matter what you donate you will be always be welcome to join the Podcast alongside myself and Nylan and you will always be welcome to make suggestions for me and Nylan to ramble on about. 




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About Falain'Va

My name is Falain'Va. Formerly known as ShutinDoji and OniOfTaint. Owner of the Falain'Va Channel on YouTube as well as Co-Owner of the Insight to Insanity YouTube channel and the Insight to Insanity Podcast alongside my close friend Nylan.

This Patreon page is to support myself and Nylan but mostly it to support Insight to Insanity. The podcast myself and Nylan put our bloody hearts and insane minds into. We love it too damn much and we hope others love it just as much.
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This is very simple and may make me sound pathetic but it is the truth. Currently, I am in the process of searching for a job but, it isn't going well and I have no money what so ever. The only reason I am even doing this, is to spread the Insight to Insanity podcast to all those who would enjoy it and possibly even love it. Nylan and myself love making the Podcast and we are committed to keeping the episodes going. I uploaded Season 1 to Soundcloud but due to the free account I have, they have hidden all tracks which is why I am making this. I am asking anyone who enjoys the podcast to donate what you can just so I can keep the pro account going which, will allow me to upload every single Insight to Insanity episode currently made and not currently made to Soundcloud for everyone to enjoy. 
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