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About Thorin Sorensen

I'm a mentally ill, queer, and genderqueer writer carving out a space for marginalized people in cosmic horror and fantasy. My current major projects are several books set in the same high fantasy universe and going on concurrently. When they're done, I'll start the next round of the series which will have more concurrent stories. In the end I'll have a unique collection of interweaving stories driven by characters and social conditions. Here are the synopses of the first round of books:

Prophet of Stone - After coming across the silver find of a lifetime a miner, Teme Natterboars, is caught up in the machinations of Gods, kings, and capitalists. Teme must now navigate a society radically different from the one she thought she'd been living in. Whether her hope lays with authority, anarchists, or her fellow miners; her only chance at freedom is if she can seize fate for herself. (This story is fully drafted and being edited now!)

Dreamwalker - When their dream magic alerts them to a blizzard that threatens the lives of their fellow herders in the southern mountains, Ellide the yak rider sets off with their father to get them a message in time. Things go from bad to worse when their father is kidnapped by cloaked figures in the night. Now, torn between needing to warn their people and having to find their missing father, Ellide must navigate the monsters and politics of the Edgeless Forest. (This story is partially drafted, and my current project as I wait for responses from my editors)

Demonologist - Antsrev of the Corvid lives an uncomplicated life. They lack the suffering humans inflict on each other, don't want for food, and most importantly they have a Fascination. It's this drive that leads them on a journey across the continent. Their flight takes them through deadly necromancer towers, over the gaping abyss of the Chasm, and into the clutches of the dangerous Witchhunter Army itself. Antsrev will do anything to answer a singular question: is there a God of the Corvid? (This story is partially drafted, and will be my main project following Dreamwalker)

Witchhunter - Imeva of Skrynth was raised to believe in one thing above all else: the goodness of the Paladin and her Witchhunter Army. Now, as a young man he has enlisted at the citadel known as Lays Facing the Sea. His Witchhunter training will expose him to demons, games of wit, and killer fungus. However, none are as great a threat as the intrigues of his fellow Witchhunters. When an inquisitor arrives at the citadel seeking a heretical sect, Imeva finds himself caught between factions he never knew existed, and the stakes couldn't be higher. (This story is partially drafted, but it will have to wait until after Demonologist)

Sleepdrinker: In The 176 there are no names and death is ever-present. A lowly necromancer, Mister 119, finally has a chance at advancement but at a terrible price. Pressed under the thumb of the powerful and influential Mister 26, Mister 119 is sent to the Chasm Continent with a sapient undead minder that wants nothing more than to end his life. Now he must balance his lust for power with his duties on the continent. If he cannot send back enough bodies for the Great Purpose, his own endless life will be forfeit.  (This story is partially drafted, but will need to wait for last because let's face it, 119 is the worst person and I'm happy to put him off)

I've already put several years and hundreds of thousands of words into these novels. I'm dedicated to telling these stories all the way to completion no matter how long it takes. With the successful completion of draft one of Prophet of Stone I'm more reassured than ever of my ability to do so. Please, join me and see a world unlike any other. For just one dollar a month you'll get access to rough drafts of every story as they progress, as well as early releases of lore and filler. I try to post something at least every other weekend, but my main effort is the books themselves.

Chapter 1 of Prophet of Stone begins here for free
Chapter 2 continues here for free
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