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is creating Queer cosmic horror and high fantasy
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About Thorin Sorensen

I'm a mentally ill, queer, and genderqueer writer carving out a space for marginalized people in cosmic horror and fantasy. My current major projects are a chapbook of original short horror stories (drafted and editing); and a queer communist high fantasy novel (first draft ongoing). My novel is a long-term project with over three years of work, world-building, and 250k words already accounted for. I'm dedicated to completing it as my first serious novel-writing attempt, no matter how much editing it needs afterward. For just a dollar a month you can read one chapter (rough draft) every Friday.

Chapter 1 begins here for free
Chapter 2 begins here for free

I'm living with my parents, but writing is also my only form of personal income. Please support me in making some genuinely delightful garbage.
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If I hit this level I'll start posting custom modded Dwarf Fortress worlds based on my novel.
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