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My name is Austin Carey. I am 27 years old and living in Pinedale, Wyoming. I began BASE jumping around 5 years ago and it has since consumed my life in all the best ways I could imagine. I love to jump and I am grateful for all of the experiences I've received in life from BASE jumping even the not so pleasant experiences. In March of 2014 I was injured while jumping with a friend from the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho. Since the accident my life has changed drastically but even the accident is something I have come to appreciate because it has pushed my down a path in life that I now love and thrive from. Over the years my passion for BASE has grown significantly and ive come to a point in life in which I realize I would really love to be a professionally paid full time BASE jumper. I wake up in the morning and before I feed myself I already start thinking about some topic related to BASE and this continues throughout my average day. I want to make a difference for the sport I love and the communities I am apart of. I am the creator of an online magazine called PARA/ALPINIST and through this project I have realized how much I enjoy creating and sharing positive content that promotes others within the sport and shares the amazing things that active jumpers are currently doing. Through PARA/ALPINIST I realized the need for someone like myself who loves creating and loves sharing these amazing feats accomplished by members of our community. With the channel "Falling Rocks!" I would like to expand on what I have done with PARA/ALPINIST and broaden my social content creation. I plan to create entertaining videos for the BASE jumping community as well as the fans of BASE jumping. The BASE jumping community inspires me and I can not be the creator I would like with out the support from all of you. As I build on this idea and vision that I have for "Falling Rocks!" I hope to constantly create better, more entertaining videos that the community enjoys. To my future Patrons and viewers I thank you for your interest in "Falling Rocks!" and with your support I hope we can build something great that will positively support and showcase all the amazing aspects of our wonderful community. Thank you my friends!
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