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Welcome to FAMILY OF HOPE Vlogs Patreon
We are Youtube Family Vloggers! Not Only is Youtube for our Memories, but we also treat Youtube as a business with Perks!  Such as getting to know our youtube Followers and Calling our family FOH FAMILY aka Mainville Hopefuls! As well as Making memories and keeping them forever while being able to be an at home mom.
   We promote Hope and Joy in everyday Living, and being an inspiration to many others out there in our Youtube Community!
   My goal is to Have better Content, which mean better vlogging cameras, to Better editing programs, Hoping to travel more, Being able to afford Meet and greet with our Youtube family.
All this comes at a cost and we want to be able to have you involved in our growing process, By becoming a Patreon!!
 Not only will you get better Content and videos, But you will be a part of something huge on our channel.   From Secret Videos, mystery videos, and shout outs, you get something in return for Helping us out!
   I plan on going to future events, such as Vid-con, Playlist live, and vlogger fair. And with Your Help I would be able to Make it to those events.  With a vision in my head and a Vision in my heart, I believe it takes Teamwork to get these things done.  Be a Part of the HOPEFUL TEAM.
 And I promise to better our channel for you!!
Thank you in advance!

PS- Becoming a Patreon DOES NOT ALLOW anyone at anytime to personally stalk and search for our private phone numbers and try and call us.  This is a social media contact NOT Private contact.  We will delete and block anyone who thinks they can now Call our numbers or try to visit our home.  
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    (Does Not include the following : personal invites. social media follow. friend requests.  personal home visits.  Or product Placements on our youtube videos) 
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We are super grateful and appreciative to those who give a little extra from their budget to help out. 
 You are amazing and giving people. I hope you all are blessed for giving a little.
Please read our tiers what comes back in return.. thank you!
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