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About Reichan Hatsune, 初音灵儿,

Hello world, 中国的朋友大家好。
Although in English, I know many are from my motherland, P.R.China, China mainland. Thank you. 谢谢大家。

I'm ordinary, I like drawing/painting, study & exercise from others great works or just create my own; Singing, or even programming my own games. But for these hobbies I'm far from professional. I do these for entertainment for you, and for myself~

I'm above 18 and favor amorous acts from my nature... hereby I'm not a children painter and more contain slightly mature elements, and always consider myself a subordinate to others, soft and bearing... But said all-age, I will definately not draw privates nudity & guro (the R-18/R-18G ranking by pixiv). So that's my bottom line.
我绝对不画:露点,guro/猎奇。(对应pixiv R-18/R-18G)这是我的底线。

I'm amateur, I promise my patreon blog is all free reading. If you want of course you can subscribe or donate, and I have perk after my dull daytime job hard working.
本patreon blog是免费阅读的。你想的话也可以订阅或打赏,这样我在累死累活一天下班后得到你小小的慰问和奖励。

Your lovely Reichan

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