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About Fandible

The Fandible.Com Roleplaying Podcast is a group of five dedicated and incredibly nerdy gamers based in New York City. We’ve combined our love of crafting one-of-a-kind stories with podcasting to produce a weekly actual play podcast since 2010.

What is Fandible?
Fandible.Com has grown since its initial inception in 2010, but at its core our mission has always been the same: have a hell of a lot of fun, record it, and hope some people out there on the Internet find us entertaining. Nearly 10 years into this experiment, we’re having just as much fun as ever, and find new like-minded gamers and listeners every month.

We play as many Saturdays a month as we can get together, playing games in a variety of genres. From big names like Warhammer 40k and New World of Darkness, to playtesting the latest indie story games, we look first and foremost for games that will allow us to put the stories of our wild adventurers first. Our game sessions are then edited into 1-2 episodes, and posted every Friday like clockwork.

In addition to the core podcast, we also write articles about gaming and short stories continuing the adventures of our characters or fleshing out the collective worlds we play in. We also have the semi-regular ‘Geeky Topics Round Table’ podcast, which involves a lot of drinking and laughter as we debate the latest geeky news or wax nostalgic about our favorite geeky pastimes.

Find out more about Fandible’s members through our social media sites:
William Coffing - Twitter
Angela Craft -  Twitter
David Donnelly -  Twitter
Daniel Rodriguez -  Twitter
Jesus Rodriguez - Twitter

ALL of Fandible’s offerings will continue to be free for the public to consume on our website. This Patreon campaign is just to help defray a few costs and help us continue to grow.

Why Patreon and why now?
We’ve been thinking about doing some fundraising for Fandible for some time now, and Patreon is the right tool at the right time for us. With a recent gift getting us much better sound equipment, we want to make sure the rest of the site is matching up to our fabulous new sound. Your contributions will help pay for concrete things like webhosting and quality of life upgrades like (potentially!) no more Google Adsense ads.

We also feel that while the internet is an amazing place (it’s where our podcast lives, after all!), the gaming community is far more than just the internet. If this Patreon reaches a high enough milestone, we’ll be able to start offsetting travel costs to gaming conventions around the northeast, and even around the United States. Individual members of Fandible have traveled to Origins and Pax East, and we made our debut as a group at Metatopia in 2013. We had such fun attending that con as a group, we hope to make it the first of many conventions we attend and participate in - as gamers, GMs, and panelists.

Why sponsor us?
There are tons of excellent actual play podcasts out on the internet, but we believe that Fandible.Com brings a few special things to the community
  • Commitment to diversity: Our players reflect the reality of the gaming community today, a diverse group of men and women interested in having fun and telling stories. We strive to tell complex stories that have respectful and positive portrayals of people from all walks of life.
  • Reliability: Fandible.Com has been going strong for over four years with no slow down in our posting schedule. We aren’t a fairweather group that will fall apart and leave you hanging as soon as the going gets rough. We are committed to each other and the stories we tell on Fandible and now we’re committed to you, our patrons!
  • Diverse selection of games: While we started out by relying heavily on Warhammer 40k, we’ve branched out to play games in almost every genre of tabletop games conceivable, from urban fantasy to horror to historical. We’ve even dabbled in some traditional high fantasy games as well. We love exploring new play styles, playing games that use special dice, tarot cards, or a Jenga tower to test skills, in addition to the usual polyhedral dice gamers everywhere are familiar with.

What does Fandible produce on a monthly basis?
Fandible.Com already posts an episode of our actual play podcast every Friday evening, and that won’t be changing! You’ll continue to hear the high quality gaming that our fans have grown to love. In addition, we’re committing to a regular schedule of blog posts and supplemental podcasts to thank the Patreon community for their support. Because of you, Fandible.Com will include the following every month:
  • 4-5 new actual play podcasts, one posted every Friday
  • A minimum of 4 blog posts per month, related to gaming or geek culture, posted once a week
  • A minimum of 1 Geeky Topics Round Table podcast per month
$563 of $750 per month
Once we reach $750/month, all actual play episodes going forward will have upgraded audio effects and music added. Plus, a small stipend will be given to all members of Fandible.
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