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About Fandom Is Awesome

I've been writing seriously since late-2014, it took me maybe another year and a half to get into the swing of producing quality content I was actually proud of (sometimes I still wonder about that), and it took me almost another year to finally get into the swing of posting regularly.

But making this content is starting to cost money; and while I wouldn't mind a part-time job, they are restricting and don't allow me to make it to events when I need to.
Movies, games, internet, transport to and from events - the costs are starting to add up.

By signing up to become a Patron, you allow me to continue producing content. Heck, through you, I might just have the funding to get to more films, buy newer games to review (and upgrade my rig in the process, its a little outdated).

What will the money be spent on?
  • Games (to review)
  • Movie tickets (to review the movies)
  • PC upgrades (to play the games)
  • Coffee
  • Recording equipment (to fix my camera and do YouTube properly and to improve my livestreams)
  • Capture card (to stream gameplay)
  • Coffee
  • Edibles (I do need to survive to make content, this goes without saying, right?)
  • Event tickets (getting a media pass isn't always an option)
  • Transport (gotta get to and from events somehow)

Help me continue creating content, so you can keep enjoying it every Wednesday and Saturday (and sometimes Fridays!).

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