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About FangedShadows

Through out my life, I've always wanted to create ideas/stories for many people to enjoy and if possible inspire others to do the same. 

I've had a strong passion to Voice Acting since I was thirteen (Currently 20's) years of watching Cartoons/Anime/Video Games always triggered the idea of being a voice actor alongside being a writer. 

Nearly everyday, I'm always sparked with new ideas that soon evolve into something much greater than when it first came to mind. My stories are mostly abnormal (Mythical/Sci-Fi) As of now, I'm working on a series called 'Identity' which is mask oriented. 

I would love to have a shot a voicing a character for a English Dub of an Anime or hit Cartoon Show for Teens/Young Adults. It'd be an amazing experience.

FangedShadows Channel Here you'll find me either doing Gaming/Reacting/Reviews etc the geek package!

Every piece of donation will be used to improve/upgrade equipment for Voice Acting to Commentary and help in better quality content. Every piece counts :)

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