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Hello everyone, my name is Farai Gotora and welcome to my Patreon page! I'm a writer and stand up comedian .I'd describe my humor as sweet bliss at Grandpa's funeral. I find the fly in the otherwise perfect bowl of soup. I see the flakes of good in the trainwreck. I have a joke about those by the way. It's nothing like you expect though...Everyone dies in this one. WHAT A TWIST! 
My writing is more or less the same. 
I will share videos from the different shows and open mics I've been part of both past and present; the good ones and the ones I bombed on too! I'm self taught and figuring this all out on the go so your feedback intended to help me improve is definitely welcome! Please just don't tell me to go fuck myself. I do that already without orders. It's redundant. 
It's my hope that my purest intentions come across to as many as possible. It's my hope you get some value out of this. 

- Farai. 

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