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I have been blogging about my life with my long distance relationship and with my health and weight problems. Recently misdiagnosed with blood cancer and having developed many health problems I have decided to have gastric sleeve weight loss surgery and Chronicle the process. 
 after all my health problems and upon learning of my plan to have weight loss surgery my employer terminated me so now I'm stuck having lost my I insurance just before the surgery. 
any donations will go twords my fund I'm building to go have the surgery in Mexico instead. Medical tourism is a very big thing and I wish to Chronicle it and my process. 
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Gastric sleeve surgery at bariatric pal MX in Tijuana costs $4600, plus $500 because of my higher body mass index. Above that cost I need 2 airplane tickets from Houston to San Diego which run approximately $250 to $300 each. That leaves $300 for food and anything else we will need while in Mexico for 4 days
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