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About Fayebae

Yahallo! I'm Faye! I'm a full time twitch streamer www.twitch.tv/faye14 and content creator. My patreon is going to be focused on two hobbies I'm passionate about, those two being.. voice acting and writing!

Why those? Because the past almost two years I've been really into Dungeons and Dragons, a roleplaying game. I've also always loved to do random voices and consider myself a writer. So in an effort to bring all of these themes together I want to use my patreon as a place to give myself a personal outlet for these as well as so anyone interested can have access to them ^^

Now onto what I'll be looking to post on my patreon. I do a lot of character backstories that I want to post for others to read -- I tend to go *slightly* overboard on them, so some tend to be quite long! But it'd be nice to have others read them too. I am also more than open to criticism!

Other than writing I'll be posting different voices I'm working on or practicing for characters. I play a lot of DnD so I have a fair few character already and one way for me to get better at doing said voices is to practice them so hopefully you will also see improvement as I post on-going character voices! ^^

Thanks to everyone that supports me here and on twitch! I'll be sure to be regular with my content creating, at least one post a week!
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This basically means rent is paid and that means I have more time to work on content and less anxiety about paying rent ^^
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